Waist Twisting Disc Abdominal Magnet Balance Plate Non-Slip Body Shaping Exercise Foot Massage Home Gym Fitness Equipment


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1、Silent and Flexible: One for each foot, breaking the limitation of the basic turntable. The new generation of the twisting board is silent and more flexible to adapt to various sports. With our Waist Twisting Disc, you can freely choose the way you want to exercise.
2、Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and portable design, high-quality TPE and polypropylene structure, the new waist rotating disk will bring you an excellent sports experience. The bottom of the non-slip rubber and texture combined with two-side protection devices can ensure your safety and comfort during training.
3、Whole Body Shaping Training: Not only can you rotate your waist in a sitting posture, but you can also use the new version of the waist plate for whole-body exercise. Various sports can reshape your body with about 257kcal burning for 30 minutes, such as dancing, aerobic exercise, plank support, Squats, lunges, push-ups, etc. In addition, there is a convenient hook that allows you to use resistance bands for training.
4、More Professional: Separate Waist Plate can release your feet and twist as you like. The dual-bearing structure allows you to rotate smoothly without noise. Embedded magnets exercise while physiotherapy. the non-slip large base has a firm anti-slip sheet.
5、Exercise in a Fun Way: Twist your way to make your abdomen flatter, hips tighter, waist smaller, abs, hips, and thighs slimmer. You or your family all can exercise, dance and watch TV at home, enjoying the moments of exercise and relaxation with the family.


1. Double-bearing structure, 360 smooth rotation: using large bearings, the rotation is stable and smooth, without jamming.
2. Built-in magnets: while exercising and magnetic therapy, enjoy healthy fitness therapy.
3. Non-slip large pedals, safer side protection: large pedals are suitable for the whole family, 1cm height of the side protection does not step on the side.
4. Enlarged anti-skid pad at the bottom, safe and stable without hurting the floor: anti-skid footpad, strong firm grip, safer without sliding.







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